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Let Us Introduce

ObjectMicro is the company-provider of high quality software development, diversified IT applications and high level services according to the needs and business objectives of our customers in such areas of global IT industry as e-business, telecommunications, financial services and real estate, also we develop software in the field of educational, entertainment and gaming industries.

Most of all we love and appreciate quality, that’s why our customers remain with us for a long time and appreciate our work.


We provide Creative and Placement Services across multi-channels. Our benefits are: SEM Analysis (Industry Competitors, Industry Advertisements, Account Management, Industry Keywords, ObjectMicro Affiliates, Account Management), SEM Analysis Competitors Advertising Budget (How much your competitors are spending), Search Placement and Lead Generation, Generate New Customers, ObjectMicroAds Connects (Reach new customers targeted to your trade area, Get better contact ratio with Profile Ads, Track every call, every click, every contact, every day, Find customers who are searching for you!)


Objectmicro is ready to provide a large range of ideas in different industries using various technologies. Objectmicro’s customers benefit from highest levels of technology expertise in building business software solutions and products. Our technology expertise spans the entire range of software development and integration platforms. Objectmicro has very strong competency in the entire range of Microsoft and Java suite of technologies. We also have very strong expertise in Open Source Framework development as well as on the various Flash and Embedded technologies.


Objectmicro technologies’ Microsoft Excellence Center let you use full advantage of the benefits of Microsoft software. We combine Objectmicro technologies’ innovative development techniques along with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to provide effective business solutions.

We attempt continuous research on existing and evolving Microsoft technologies and deliver such products as content management systems, web applications, XML web services and support for .NET technology spans XML Web services, cross-platform integration, etc.


Vast experience in working with Java allowed Objectmicro to make cutting-edge technologies serve our customers’ needs. Objectmicro technologies have reached high levels in application design, methodologies, tools and techniques on the Java framework. We offer project and product development, maintenance and support of Java-based applications.

Objectmicro has superior skills in J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Web Services, Wireless and XML Technologies. Our company delivers Java applications to Financial, Software, Telecommunication, e-commerce, Healthcare and other industries.


Objectmicro has a professional team of PHP developers, which are well-versed in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP). Objectmicro Open Source excellence center is focused on creation and development of Open Source software to suit various business needs.

We can handle all your project requirements which include modification, migration, integration etc. The PHP Open Source development team has significant knowledge and experience in many areas including device drivers, embedded systems, network protocol development and web applications.


Objectmicro has high-level specialists in the embedded systems development and embedded system programming areas. We can offer you embedded software development, computing, firmware programming and embedded software testing services.

Also, Objectmicro technologies have extensive expertise in custom mobile application software and have vast experience in developing Mobile Applications for major platforms as iPhone and Android. Our projects on all the major handheld and Smartphone platforms help our clients achieve a faster time to market with an unmatched cost advantage. We follow the highest standards in the industry for engineering process, product quality, delivery and support.

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